Banksi Gifts Australia medium aroma pod diffuser

Banksi Gifts Australia medium aroma pod diffuser



Widely known as the BEST natural diffuser available today!

Why?  The Banksia Grandis seed pod (the material from which they are made) is particularly porous, it soaks up your essential oil and slowly releases the aroma through its pores.  No flames and no electricity.  Each one is completely different to the last and can be filled with any oil you like.  


Your aroma pod comes pre-tested and filled with our very own high quality Pure Australian Eucalyptus oil. Aroma Pod's are best used in smaller areas of your home that don't usually have powerpoint's.  Areas like your powder room, wardrobes, your car and an excellent personal diffuser on your bedside table and work/study desk!

Aroma Pod Instructions

Step 1. Remove the cork from Aroma Pod 

Step 2. Choose a good quality Essential Oil or blend and place 1ml of oil into the pod

Step 3. Place cork back on Aroma Pod

Step 4. Refresh every day or so with a few more drops