Dukes and Duchesses dusk red floral head wrap

Dukes and Duchesses dusk red floral head wrap

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The ‘Dusk Red Floral’ Head wrap.


An easy wear 'tie-up' head wrap.


Made from a soft linen cotton blend in a stunning vintage floral print. 


SIZE GUIDE: One size fits all.


COLOUR GUIDE: This print is designed to have a 'vintage' look to it, so as such, is a soft charcoal background colour. The green has mint hues, the pink has peach hues, and the red has pink hues. The mustard is a dark mustard.


FABRIC GUIDE: This fabric contains cotton and linen. Linen is very strong and durable (twice as strong as cotton) and has amazing breathability. It also dries more quickly than cotton. As a natural fibre, it may have inconsistencies in the weave - these are not flaws but add to the character and natural 'rawness' of linen. Please note hand washing is recommended as special garments warrant special care.