Dukes and Duchesses sage overalls

Dukes and Duchesses sage overalls

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The 'Sage' Overalls are the perfect mix of practical and beautiful ! They have an elastic hem creating a bubbled bloomer look, a super convenient inner leg snap panel (for nappy changes and toilet training days) and classic pleated detailing.

Made from 100% linen.

Colour guide: This colour is a beautiful green with a tinge of blue.

Fabric guide: Linen is very strong and durable (twice as strong as cotton) and has amazing breathability. It also dries more quickly than cotton. As a natural fibre, it may have inconsistencies in the weave - these are not flaws but add to the character and natural 'rawness' of linen. Sometimes linen is 'stiff' when first experienced - however it is designed to become softer and softer during wash and wear.  

Please note, hand washing is recommended as special garments warrant special care! Only iron with a cool or warm iron, and do not iron near snaps.