Dukes and Duchesses Violet head Wrap

Dukes and Duchesses Dahlia lilac dipped back dress

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The ‘Violet’ Dipped Back Dress is such a lovely classic design. It is made from a beautiful linen cotton blend, with a cotton lined bodice. It is your special occasion dress, or your 'let's get out exploring dress', or both!

It features a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt (that is perfect for twirling), and for a little something special, the back finishes in a gorgeous soft V. 

The garment is designed to be fitted, so we recommend sizing up for extra room and length.

Made from a beautiful linen cotton blend.

Colour guide: A blend of violet red and pink tones - print designed exclusively for Dukes and Duchesses by @lollilu

Please note, hand washing is recommended as special garments warrant special care! Only iron with a cool or warm iron, and do not iron near snaps